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Red potato salad – From The Kitchn. This is a light and refreshing potato salad, but note that the flavor fades quickly, so it’s best served immediately (that or hold the olive oil and vinegar and dress each serving separately). I use rice vinegar instead of ponzu, so perhaps that’s why. I threw in some of … Continue reading

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Summer Canning Update

My friend Andrea and I haven’t managed to coordinate our schedules this summer to do any canning days, but I’ve still been able to get some preserving in. There have been lots of fridge pickles and small batches of jam in my kitchen so far this summer, and much of it has been made on work … Continue reading

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The Month in Books

No review for Otsuka’s book because the Goodreads app insists on eating reviews I write on my phone. I did enjoy it, though if you don’t like poetic prose and require a firm plot you will not be into it. My Notorious Life, Kate Manning The Buddha in the Attic, Julie Otsuka The Signature of All … Continue reading


Tote bags into floor pillows

I recently turned two giant tote bags a friend got at a con into floor pillows! The bags are large (24″ wide) but only about 3″ deep. The project turned out to be extremely easy. We found a foam cushion roll that was the exact width of the bags, and the same size fabric was used for … Continue reading