Identity crisis!

So, I went to the eye doctor today for my “every two years” eye exam. I first got glasses in spring or summer of 2000 — those were for reading. In July 2003, another doctor told me that my reading prescription hadn’t changed, but I’d developed a slight astigmatism. She told me to keep the reading glasses and get a second pair for the astigmatism, that I should wear the new pair all the time, and bust out the reading prescription if my eyes felt tired when I was doing a lot of reading. I generally listen to what a doctor tells me, so I did what she said.

Herein lies the rub: I learned today from a third ophthalmologist that I have 20/20 vision.

The doctor I saw today told me that my prescription for the astigmatism hasn’t changed. He also told me that he sees “absolutely no need” for me to wear glasses all the time to correct for said astigmatism, mainly because it’s no worse than what you’d find in a random sample of people who don’t wear glasses. He did say that I have “latent farsightedness,” which makes it difficult for people who do a lot of close work to maintain their focus for long periods of time. He recommended that I stick with my existing prescription and “ad lib” with my glasses — use them when I feel like I need them.

The doctor who told me two years ago that I needed another pair of glasses to correct for the astigmatism worked for Cambridge EyeDoctors. This begs the question: Was she, on some level, motivated to tell me this because it meant I’d drop roughly $200 in the store she worked at? Or is she just not a very good ophthalmologist? At this point, I feel like I should get a second opinion, but I’m not sure where to go. If anyone is actually reading this, do you have suggestions for a good eye doctor in the Boston Metro area? Someone you’ve been to and liked, and think is a straight shooter?

To get to the real point of this post: It’s kind of weird to think that I don’t need to wear glasses all the time, since they have become such a part of my identity (not just in the mirror, ha ha). You know, “I don’t want to look quite like all these other women, so I’ll cut my hair short and wear glasses.” “Glasses == literary intellectual.” That sort of thing. Also, if I don’t have to wear glasses all the time, am I still allowed to be a librarian?

But more importantly, the glasses have also become an integral part of my strategy to trap geeks to date. I mean find geeks to date. Am I, on some level, now misrepresenting myself to these men since I (apparently) don’t really need glasses? If a geeky man I meet in the future later feels betrayed, are the odds good that a homemade cupcake (or a low-cut top?) would redeem me in his eyes? These are the burning questions . . .

One thought on “Identity crisis!

  1. i’ve had to wear glasses since i was 11 years old. my college roommate got some fake glasses “just for looks”. i always told her i would trade her if i could because i would love to not have to wear them. then her eyes went bad and she actually had to wear them. go figure. 🙂

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