On to Part II of my trip this weekend.

From Gettysburg, I went to my aunt & uncle’s house in Havertown, PA, which is right outside of Philadelphia. On Sunday night, my Aunt made dinner for the three of us and my Great Great Aunt Marge, who is 92 and still kicking quite vigorously. On Monday, my Uncle Ray drove me in to visit Drexel. We took the undergrad campus tour, where I saw the smallest double dorm room ever and fitness facilities that pale in comparison to FitRec at BU. The word “dungeon” comes to mind. . . After the tour, I dropped by the Information Science and Technology (IST) offices and talked to a guy who turned out to be the admissions manager for the Library Science program. After speaking with him, I felt pretty good about my chances of getting in, and I got some good info about the program. I also felt better about missing the “financial aid” deadline — there isn’t much available. I’ll save that post for another day. 🙂

After we were done at Drexel, we had lunch and then my uncle drove me around Philadelphia and pointed out sites such as the house where my mother was born, the house where my grandfather lived when he first met my grandmother, the house my cousin Michelle lives in, and the churches where my grandmother was married and baptized. At St. Cyril’s, where my grandmother was the first female to be baptized, my aunt & uncle bought a brick on the church’s Walk of Memories for my grandmother, and we stopped so I could see that.

On the way home, we stopped for a few minutes at my cousin Michelle’s softball game (she is the assistant coach at Upper Darby H.S.; her partner Karin is the head coach). After my aunt got home from work and caught her breath, we headed out for dinner at “that new Italian place that opened recently” — Vinny T’s of Boston. 🙂 On Tuesday, my Uncle and I went out to breakfast and he dropped me at the airport, where I caught the emptiest flight I’ve ever seen back to Boston. All around, it was a pretty good weekend. The end. 🙂

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