Fever Pitch & Crash

I saw two movies over the weekend — amazing, given how rarely I go to the movies. On Friday I saw “Fever Pitch” with Kristen at the Fenway 13, and on Saturday night Jim & I caught “Crash” at the Assembly Square theater in Somerville. They are totally different types of movies, but I liked them both.

Fever Pitch” was just a really fun, funny movie. It’s definitely a romantic comedy but I don’t think it rated as high on the “Chick Flick O-Meter” as something like “Sleepless in Seattle.” I thought Jimmy Fallon was great, and I liked the relationship between his character and Drew Barrymore’s. And it was just neat to relive bits of last season. 🙂

Crash” was well-conceived and well-written. I thought the characters had a lot of depth and complexity to them, and it was interesting to see how all of these different people could be tied together in a “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” sort of way. The characters and scenes were scary, sad, touching, repellent and funny at different points, and you got to see multiple facets of their personalities, which I thought added a very realistic dimension to the movie.

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