Simmons update

Someone from Simmons Grad School of Library and Info Science called me today to set up the required interview for the program. She said they usually last about half an hour, so I can’t imagine it’s that intense. My guess is that it’s designed to be more of an informational interview, so I guess I should come up with some questions. I’m going to meet with Prof. Amy Pattee, who teaches children’s and young adult literature. Not really a field I’ve thought much about entering, but I’m sure it’ll still be interesting to speak with her. If nothing else she can probably put me in touch with someone who has more of a focus on the technical and cataloging end (though Simmons’ program doesn’t really have a technical focus to it). Anyway, the meeting is next Tuesday in the late morning. I get to wear a suit! How exciting . . . hopefully the skirt to one of them still fits me.

They did say they are missing one recommendation (presumably from Prof. Matthews, as Ginnie’s was included with the application package I sent via Priority Mail). He mailed it I think last Wednesday, so it should catch up with the rest of my application materials by the time the admissions folks are pulling things together for Prof. Pattee.

One thought on “Simmons update

  1. Hi Ally: Glad you had a good time in NYC. I figured it would be hot, I think it was hot everywhere this weekend.


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