Grad school update

Today I had my interview at Simmons, and I guess it went well. It was pretty informal (though I did wear a suit because I’d rather be remembered as the candidate who overdressed than the one who underdressed). Prof. Pattee was really nice, and she seemed like a lot of fun. I got some good advice from her regarding the logistics of working and going to school, but overall I am not sure about my chances of getting in. I don’t think I am a particularly strong candidate, partially because I have no previous experience that directly bears on a library science degree. I walked away from the conversation with a sense that she was thinking I’d be a good candidate in a year or so. I almost felt like she thinks that I didn’t put enough time and research into the decision, and the fact that I don’t have library experience sort of points to that. She did seem glad to hear that I was interested in more of the technological end, and mentioned that Simmons has brought in some visiting faculty to teach some classes in that realm.

Anyway, I’m afraid that I might be one of those candidates who the admissions board reviews and puts aside to go back to if they still have spots available. We’ll see what happens. She did say that the hook for my essay was “clever.” So, that’s something at least.

As it turns out they are still missing one of my letters of recommendation, and not the one that I thought when they told me this last week. They’re missing Emily’s–she sent hers in before I sent in my application. Since she is out in CA I haven’t called her yet today to ask her to resend it, but I’m wondering if I got confused and told her to send it to Drexel instead of Simmons. D’oh! We’ll find out. As long as she is able to get it in by July 1 I will be OK.

As far as Drexel goes, I emailed the admissions manager, who I spoke with when I went down to visit (see Philadelphia, 5/4), to inquire about my status and find out when they start notifying people. He said I would receive a “status mailing,” and would continue getting status updates until they had everything they need. He also said that they typically make decisions within two weeks of receiving a completed application, although the decisions aren’t “published” for six to eight weeks. Whatever that means. I guess I will give them three weeks from the status update saying “we’ve got it all” and email him again.

In other news, Meg the Landlord dropped off a letter while I was out, giving us until the end of the month to let her know if we are staying or not. Angela is definitely leaving and I may be leaving, so it looks like Hollis will have to decide if he wants to stay here if I leave. She also noted that she is keeping the rent the same, even though “virtually all of her operating costs have gone up.” I think that’s code for “the rent will go up next year.” In which case it looks like if I don’t leave this year, I will be leaving next year. Crap.

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