Going nowhere fast

I just found out, completely by accident, that on my application for Simmons I indicated I was applying for admission for Fall 2006 . . . you may note that this coming fall is Fall 2005.

This came to light only because I have been emailing with their admissions manager regarding the missing recommendation letter, which, it turns out, actually did get lost in the mail. Emily verified this for me when she went to reprint the letter, and saw the Simmons address on it. So at least I didn't screw that up.

Anyway, when the admissions manager emailed to let me know they got the letter, she said she was going to send it up for review — but that it would not be reviewed immediately, as they must go over the applications for fall '05 before they can do fall '06. Had she not been nice enough to tell me this, I never would have known.

I called Simmons Admissions and the person I spoke with pulled my file and said he would make the change for me, and send the application along with the rest. Whew.

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