A minor technicality

So, I thwarted my own attempt at buying a flash drive today.

Simmons is a member school of Academic Superstore, which enables all members of the Simmons community to take advantage of discounts on retail and wholesale orders of all kinds of random stuff, including things that don’t seem to be all that academic. Ipods? Headphones? I’m sure I’ll use mine in class all the time.

In any case, over the last few days I have dug around a bit on that site, ThinkGeek, Best Buy and CNet to do some research and cost comparisons. Once I determined what I want, I also found that Academic Superstore was the cheapest. So this morning I placed my order, to be delivered to the Arena via free ground shipping.

The confirmation page pops up with the order number and instructions on how to verify my eligibility by sending them a fax, letter or e-mail with a scanned document attached — either a copy of my student ID, tuition bill or tuition receipt.

Right. She Who Has Not Yet Actually Enrolled In Grad School cannot prove her eligibility. Mainly because she is, technically, not eligible.

Anyway, I e-mailed their customer service department and explained that I may not be able to prove my eligibility until early September. I’m assuming my ID will be the first thing I get, but I don’t know when I will get that . . . because I haven’t enrolled yet. Ha ha. I asked them to cancel the order because my shipping address will probably change, and I wanted to avoid any confusion. They did exactly that within a few hours.

So much for crossing something off one of my to do lists!

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