Fellowship interview

This afternoon I had the interview for the Editorial Fellowship that Simmons contacted me about last week. I met with Jen, the webmaster & publications manager (she is the fellow’s supervisor), and two of the three professors the fellow will support. They were all really nice, and I think I clicked especially well with Jen and with the professor who I would be spending more time working with.

From what I gleaned the field of applicants is small — Jen made mention of having “three excellent candidates to choose from,” but she also said at one point that I was the most qualified. Sweet! She seemed impressed with my experience at PIRG, and flat-out told me that even if she didn’t pick me for the fellowship, she would be calling me to work with her anyway, as she needs some more help than the fellow will be able to provide. The fellow will mainly support three faculty members who work on two different journals. It’s only for 10 hours a week, so she doesn’t anticipate a whole lot of free time to give the fellow additional projects. She does have another budget to dip into that she said she will try to use to hire the other two candidates, if they are interested, to help out with some different stuff. It sounds like she thinks I can help her with a lot of things that she is still trying to figure out (she has been in the position for a year, and is a ’98 graduate of GSLIS*).

She said she would ideally like to make a decision by the end of the day tomorrow, but said that is not very likely. She is going away on vacation next week, so she told me not to worry if I don’t hear from her as quickly as I might expect. Given how fast they would like to make the decision, I shot off a thank-you e-mail as soon as I got home. I would have sent off three individual thank you notes, but they will only reach them in time if the decision is not made tomorrow. I want them to think of me again tomorrow when they see that e-mail in their inboxes!

I’m excited that, one way or another, I’ll get to work with Jen. She was very cool and high energy. She also mentioned that she really liked how excited and enthusiastic I was about the position. Jen, you have no idea . . .

Another funny thing — one of the professors I met with mentioned a couple of times that she thought it was “neat” that I am working at the Ticket Office at Agganis Arena. She seemed to really get a kick out of that. We didn’t talk about that job beyond that, but I thought it was a little weird. Honestly, I’m not sure what is so neat about it, but whatever. Maybe she is a rabid college hockey fan, or is actually a personal friend of Jack Parker.
So, that was my exciting day. Hopefully I will have some more really good news to post soon!

One thought on “Fellowship interview

  1. So, I’m sure we’re all dying to hear the outcome, although that’s pretty positive when someone tells you you’re the strongest candidate for the position.

    i don’t quite understand what you’d be doing on this job though.

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