To be, or not to be

Last night, Jill and I went down to the Common to see this year’s free Shakespeare performance of “Hamlet.” Overall, I thought the show was pretty good. It was maybe a little uneven — there were some times where I thought the acting (well, what I heard, I should say) struck me as a little melodramatic. But, there were also times where it was incredibly affecting.

Anyway, I’m not much of a beach towel critic at these sorts of things so I don’t have anything else to say in terms of rating the performance. I enjoyed the weather and the show. Really, it’s free Shakespeare. What’s to complain about?

The last performances are this weekend, so you Boston-area folk should head out and see it. It’s at 8pm tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, and 7pm on Sunday.

We got dinner at the Upper Crust, which, judging from the amount of Upper Crust boxes scattered around the blankets of the people near us, seemed to be doing an excellent business with the play’s crowd. I got pizza and a greek salad; the pizza was very tasty, as usual, but the salad was about the smallest one I’ve ever seen. I don’t recommend bothering with it if you ever go. Jill’s calzone was pretty big, and she said it was excellent.

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