Go Sox!

Last night I went to the Rangers @ Sox game at Fenway with Kristen. We had great seats in the right field grandstand, last row before the handicap-accessible seating. Our view of the field was fantastic, and we were really psyched about our seats.

The game went to 10 innings when two Sox pitchers (Remlinger and Bradford) managed to blow a 5-run lead. But, between Schilling and Renteria, we won 8 – 7. Here is the Globe's coverage of the game.

Two things last night that I thought were interesting.

1. A hot dog is cheaper than water. Pretty much everything is cheaper than water.

2. The second ceremonial first pitch (yes, you read that right). As the announcer was introducing "America's favorite television and film personality" Kristen and I were watching on the JumboTron to try and see who it was. Here is a recap of our conversation:

A: Wait, no way . . .
K: Oh my God!
A: Is that . . . TONY DANZA?!
K: I think that is TONY DANZA!
Announcer: Please welcome TONY DANZA!
K: TONY DANZA really is one of my favorite television personalities.
A: Mine too! In fact, I was just talking to Hollis the other day about how much I love TONY DANZA!

Et cetera.

The real question is . . . what the hell has TONY DANZA been up to lately that he is still one of America's favorite television personalities? I have no idea. All I can say is that he hasn't been on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "What Not To Wear" or "Iron Chef America."

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