Welcome to my new blog. I have abandonded Blogger for WordPress, as I mentioned doing a while back (“Jumping Ship?” 11/30), for the reasons listed in that post. The ability to tag posts into categories so you can avoid those things about which you do not care to read (and because it appeals to the librarian in me, who . . . must . . . organize . . . everything!); the ability to add a nifty break into the top of a long post (there are many of those); annoyance with Blogger’s spellcheck (which does not recognize the word “blog” or the word “Blogger,” among other things). Although I have lost the ability to customize the template I chose (you can only do that if you download WordPress to run on your own server, which I have obviously not done), so far I like WordPress better.

Anyway, I am probably not going to port any of the old content over here, so you’ll just have to deal with that. I’m sure many of you are totally heartbroken.

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