I use Bloglines for my RSS aggregator. At first it was fine (though setting up your feeds to be publicly accessible is not the most intuitive process). Now, however, I am less than pleased.

Lately I have been having all sorts of issues. Entries in my feeds are showing up late — for example, today I got two new entries about how a package I was tracking arrived at my doorstep last Thursday, 12/8. These feeds were dated 12/8. Where were they on 12/8? Did they have bad directions?

Also, feeds are showing up multiple times. At first I thought it was just a weird flukey thing, because it happened with a blog to which I had just subscribed. But then it started happening with other feeds. I’d go in, read the entries, and log out of Bloglines. The next time I logged into Bloglines, all those feeds that I had read in my last session were showing up as new. WTF?! I read these already, thanks for your concern.

Perhaps most annoying of all, entries that I’d marked to stay new in the feed (so they will always show up, and I can have an easy reminder to go read that post in depth) started disappearing. I could get to a post from Tuesday that I’d saved, for example, by having Bloglines pull up all entries in that feed for the last week. And the post in question would still be marked new. What is the point of this feature if it doesn’t work?

It seems that other people are experiencing the same weird problems with Bloglines — see “Ahhh Bloglines, Do You Still Care?” on CrunchNotes. I think I’m just going to wait and see if these problems persist, or if they’re resolved in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I logged in today and was greeted by TechCrunch posts from Monday and Tuesday, which I have already read. Thank you, Bloglines.

One thought on “Bloglines

  1. I’ve been having the same problems with Bloglines. I thought it was just me, since I’ve been futzing around with my computers. Well, now I know.

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