Wireless-ified & digicam-ified!

My $3 wireless card arrived yesterday (see “Wireless-ness looms,” 12/5). You know, the one I paid like $9 in shipping for? I installed it and found an unsecured wireless network that I can access from my apartment (I decided it belongs to the boys downstairs). Then I parked my butt on the couch and crocheted a cozy for it. Yes, you heard me right. I made it in Lion Homespun, in harvest, using leftovers from the spiral scarf & hat set.

I’m psyched because this means that while I am home for Christmas, I won’t have to crawl under the computer table to plug in my laptop while I use it to surf “the Internets.” I can sit wherever there is easy access to a grounded outlet and use the wireless network that no one in the house uses. 🙂

Also, my Dad called yesterday to say that FedEx delivered my digital camera. Currently, there are 10 days until Christmas and I can open the box and play with it. There are 8 days until I will be home and can poke the box every five minutes, thus driving my parents nutso.

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