Crocheting on tap

Last night I finished up the last of my Christmas gifts. This particular item won't get mailed out until after the New Year, though, just because. Now I have to prioritize all the random, sometimes half-baked projects I have on tap.

Number one is obviously to make more headway on the Big Secret Project. I think I am going to take it home with me when I visit my parents for Christmas.

Then, I have yarn for two projects for myself. There's the Malabrigo of course, for which I still have not found an appropriate pattern. I'm thinking now that I'll find a pretty stitch pattern and just make a big ol' wrap that way.

Last weekend at Bazaar Bizarre I bought some really pretty hand-dyed, hand-painted yarn from Woolarina. I think I am going to combine that with some blue mohair I randomly bought for myself a while back and make the Zen Scarf from CrochetMe. I'll have to swatch it first and see how they look combined. I tried to combine it (the mohair, that is) with some white worsted yarn that I have and it just really didn't look the way I thought it would.

I've also decided that I am in fact going to make myself some legwarmers — this comes out of one too many windy and/or rainy trips back and forth from the T where my legs were really just very, very cold. But, I don't have any yarn for that project, so that requires buying yarn . . . which means I would have to go to the yarn store, which I am trying very hard not to do until I can make something with this other yarn I'm talking about. I could just make them out of scrap yarn and use all that up, but I am not punk rock enough for that. I'm a matchy-matchy kind of gal, and even though they'd be worn under jeans I'm not sure I could handle knowing that the colors in them don't coordinate, and that they yarns aren't even the same weight, and that the striping on each leg didn't match. And what if I wanted to wear a skirt one day, and wear them during my commute? I just don't think I could handle it. I'm not sure if it's good or bad to admit this sort of thing publicly . . .

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