Semester break list

I often find that if I tell somebody something, whether it is some bit of information we/I need later (“Remind me if . . . “) or something I intend to do (“Oh yeah, I’m going to go to grad school this fall”) I am more likely to actualy remember or do whatever it is. In that spirit, here is the list of things I hope to accomplish over the break between semesters, which will end when I attend my first class of the spring semester on 1/30. Keep in mind that I’m working a good 30 hours a week in addition to all of this stuff, but I can do some of this while at work. Woah. In no particular order:

  • Make the Zen Scarf from CrochetMe. (To be started later tonight.)
  • Make the stupid wristwarmers I keep trying to make or give up on the pattern, which is easy because it is only two basic stitches, but is difficult because I lose track of where I am in the stitch repeats and go crosseyed trying to figure it out.
  • Find a pattern or stitch pattern to make a wrap with my lovely Malabrigo. Start said wrap so I can wear it and be fabulous, instead of just think about how fabulous I will be when it’s done and I can wear it.
  • Track down some yarn in safety-orange and, if found soon enough, make a gag gift hat for my federal agent friend. You know, something that screams “Hey bad guy! Aim here with that sawed-off!” Aw, Secret Agent Man, you know I love you (but only for your badge).
  • Buy knitting needles and teach myself to knit using the book Mom bought for me today at the Coop: Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting. Immediately start several new projects . . .
  • like legwarmers and a hat. For me, much like the Zen Scarf and Malabrigo wrap. What? I’ve made a ton of stuff for you people! (Feel free to complain and drop hints if I have not, in fact, made you something fabulous.)
  • Make some significant progress on the Big Secret Project.
  • Play with my digital camera and take lots of faux-arty photos with it.
  • Become obsessed with digital photography websites.
  • Learn about templates and continue to dink around with CSS, with the aim of getting my webpage set up before the semester begins. You can track my progress here: I’ll try to remember to link the latest incarnation whenever I am mucking about.
  • Rip these last few CDs into iTunes.
  • Bake some tasty, complicated bread.
  • Stock the freezer with muffins. Individually wrapped, of course.
  • Go to the new Ikea in Stoughton. Also Someday Cafe, Porter Square Books, Johnny D’s (brunch), Orleans (to have a drink and feel hipper than I am), The Burren (Belhaven on tap), Spark Crafts (yarn, beads, etc.), A Good Yarn (yarn), Tu y Yo (with Jill & Tom), and some other places I can’t think of offhand. Let me know if you care to join me on any of these expeditions.
  • Scan in some more old photos and embarrass high school and college friends by posting them to flickr and to this blog.

Hmm. That’s a whole lot of fiber arts. It needs some more techie stuff to balance it out. Though I suppose the 20+ hours a week at the Tech Lab will take care of that aspect.

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