Website updates

I am so excited with the progress I made this morning on my website. It’s not necessarily anything you can see from the front end — I figured out how to create and use templates in Dreamweaver. I had tried once before but I think I didn’t bother using the built-in help (it’s usually not helpful!). It seemed much easier than I thought it was when I originally tried (which was a while back), and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve changed, or because I did it today on Dreamweaver MX 2004 (at the tech lab), whereas before I tried on Dreamweaver 3 (on my laptop). Now I really want to get MX on my laptop.

Anyway, the templates will make getting the rest of the content up a fairly simple task. The biggest thing that I need to work on is adding photos to the left side. At first I was thinking just static photos of some great textures — I have some gorgeous yarn, a tweed bag and a couple of pretty beaded journals that I thought I would take close-up shots of and slip in. But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it might be more interesting to rip off Darius’ website and set it up so the photo portion cycles through several different photos, the way his top banner does. Hmm. . .

One thought on “Website updates

  1. My top banner no longer does so. I found that it made the load time on the site increase an inordinate amount of time because it ran off a script. plus, it screwed up my stats tracker. now it’s just a cylce of 5 or 6 photos that are always on the same pages. thanks for the props though. i got the idea from

    Also, none of the links on your site work besides readers advisory.

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