Impossible ideals

Today Arun posted this link on his LiveJournal:

Having worked with PhotoShop to manipulate pictures at a past job, I knew that you could really do a lot to enhance a photo. But this demonstrates how these techniques are taken to the extreme in order to take a MODEL and make her PRETTIER! She is still a very good-looking woman in the before photo, and would be gorgeous if they had lit her properly instead of in such a way as to make all those deep shadows on her face.

This is why I take the attitude of “if you don’t like how I look, stop looking.” I’m not a retouched version of myself with a sweater in a slightly more flattering color, fuller hair and bigger breasts. I’m just me, in the sweater that’s the color Old Navy made it in and the hair and breasts that are the same as always (well, I just got a haircut so my hair is looking particularly good right now, as I read blogs and do laundry).

And this is why it makes me sad to see girls who are obsessed with models and fashion. There is NOTHING you can do that will make you look like the woman on the cover of Cosmo this month. Apparently you can’t even go out and get the same shirt!

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