Package tracking

In late November, I wrote about Simple Tracking. I tried to use it twice recently without much success. The first time, I was trying to track a package shipped via the USPS. The feed didn't update itself, but I think that this was part of the larger problem with Bloglines.

I also tried to track something shipped via FedEx, but Simple Tracking does not actually support FedEx, even though they've got the company's logo on their website, next to the shippers they do support. It's also an option to select when you input the tracking information to create your feed. While their website does say that they do not yet support FedEx or DHL, I can't say that I think it's a wise choice to post those two logos. I think it's misleading. This disclaimer is not posted near the logos or in the box to submit your information and create the feed.

Anyway, I just now discovered that Bloglines will track packages for you. They support UPS, FedEx and the USPS. The feature is linked on the homepage, on the right under "Cool Features." If you're set up for Bloglines Mobile, this means you can get the tracking alerts shunted to your cell phone. If you're not set up for Bloglines Mobile, you could ostensibly set it up, then block every feed except the shipping feed from being sent to your phone. That's very cool if you are going to explode with excitement becuase you are waiting for a super-cool digital camera to arrive at your parents' house. But I wouldn't know anything about that.

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