Ta-da list

I read about Ta-da List yesterday on Wanderings of a Student Librarian. A huge maker of lists, I immediately headed over to the website, registered and created a list: Books to Read. One of the things I want to add to my website is a list of what I want to read, and I think this will be an easier way to do that, and to keep it up-to-date.

Ta-da list has relatively few features. Once you’ve registered, you can create multiple lists and view them all on one page. You can hand code items on the lists to link somewhere, and you can add a description to each individual list. And lists can be publicly viewable, or kept private. At first I was put off by how spare this is, but the more I think about it, the more that’s better — the goal of this piece of software is to be a simple list-making tool. Adding too many features (photos! tags! a cute puppy!) would probably do more harm than good. I was pleased to see, though, that you can subscribe to an RSS feed for each list.

One feature I don’t like is the reorder function. When you hit that link, four arrows are placed next to each item on the list: move to top, move up one, move down one, move to bottom. Using those arrows, you can monkey around and put items into your preferred order. This is a bit clunky for, say, alphebetizing a list of 28 books. I was surprised there’s not a “sort alphabetical” option.

I think this is a good tool, though. I can view and update this list from anywhere there’s Internet access. So, for example, next time I’m at the BPL I can hop on a public terminal, check my list for a few books I’m interested in reading, then go over to the catalog terminals and look up the call numbers. Up until now I kept that list in my planner, but I didn’t keep it updated, and I just hate having a list that’s got lots of stuff crossed off — it’s harder to look at! I only want to see what I need to see, not what’s been taken care of. Ta-da list leaves finished items on the list — but it moves them to the bottom and lists them in a smaller font. Aaaahhh . . . how aesthetically pleasing.

I also think it’s got great potential for other sorts of list-making though. Use it for group projects: Once you’ve divvied up the work, someone in the group can make a big list of each step, noting who’s responsible. Share the login and password, and each group member can check off when he or she has taken care of something. (Of course, this only works if you’ve got a group of people who all think that way.)

I really like the potential here for people to use this as a collaborative space — for a group of coworkers to cheer themselves on as they all contribute their various bits and bobs to a huge project. There’s nothing like visible progress!

If you’d like to monkey around with this tool but don’t want to register, let me know and I’ll share my login info.

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