Important knitting lesson #1

Last night I learned an important knitting lesson:

When you are making something that comes in pairs (such as, oh, legwarmers) it’s a good idea to completely finish the first one when it’s done and make sure that it fits — before you start the second one.

Why is this an important lesson? Because the legwarmers don’t *quite* fit. I finished knitting the second one last night and seamed it up, and then tried it on, and it’s a little tight around the top of my calf, super-strechiness notwithstanding. Tight enough that it might be a little uncomfortable, and that it’s a bit hard to get on & off.

I’m currently undecided about whether I should rip them both out entirely and start over, or whether I should rip them back partially. The last 12 rows (the top) are knitted in a needle two sizes smaller in order to help make sure they stay up (as we have seen, mine don’t really need any help). I’m leaning towards ripping them back rather than committing to a complete do-over. That will be tonight’s fun.

In other knitting news, I bought yarn for two more scarves (for friends) yesterday. Some Arucania Nature Wool Chunky and some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. The current plan is to make a simple ribbed scarf with the Arucania and a seeded rib scarf with the Cashmerino. I’m going to finish these legwarmers first, though, since they’re good practice for knitting ribbing.

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