Change of plans

Probably not many of you know about this, but I have been working on something I refer to as the “Big Secret Project” since September. Thursday night I pulled out what I had done and looked it over . . . yikes. Not so hot. In fact, so un-hot that I hated it. So the Big Secret Project has been changed (after a double-check of my plans with my Mom, since Moms are good for checking these sorts of things with). Now, the Big Secret Project has multiplied itself into Parts I & II, and I am off to Knit Picks to purchase additional yarn.

If you’re curious, ask me and I can share more details, and even show you photos documenting why I have abandoned the initial try at Big Secret Project.

Also, I went to a store with yarn today (Spark Craft Studios) and I didn’t buy any!! To be fair, this is because I am going to Webs this weekend with my stitch ‘n’ bitch and I am under no illusions that I won’t purchase a ridiculous amount of yarn. But Spark, which is in my neighborhood, has a respectable amount of yarn, including Manos del Uruguay, Malabrigo, Lion Brand and Arucania, as well as some brands I had never seen or heard from before. Good to know! Well, in that not-so-good sort of way.

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