Lack of library love

There has been a lack of library love on this blog for a while now. For you library people, sorry about that (and by “you people” I do mean Arun, since I think five people read this blog). I do have a bunch of stuff to read and think about, and I have printed it out (before Christmas!) and have been carrying it around in my backpack, yet I have not been reading it. I need to start doing that on my commute, I think.

Additionally, I had been hoping for some fun and exciting news related to school, and had been planning an update on that. But such is not to be, as the news was anything but fun and exciting. Oh well. Such is life.

In any case, hopefully I will have something to say soon, and hopefully my cataloging and public libraries classes will spark some interesting posts this semester.

One thought on “Lack of library love

  1. I like reading about the crocheting stuff too. Just not as much. And I’m sure you’ll get more readers in time. (And I doubt I’m the only library reader.)

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