Still alive

Hi again. I didn’t realize it had been 11 days since I last posted. Whoops. Does it count that I’ve kept thinking that I should post? I guess not, huh.

Anyway, I have been busy with all kinds of stuff. I’ve been working at lot at my two jobs at school (too much, I think); I commandeered the planning of a bridal shower and have been glued to my e-mail; I collaborated on a short, partially-autobiographical article about blogging, which had to get done in a hurry; I’ve been knitting a scarf for a friend and crocheting the Big Secret Project; visiting with Mom, then visiting with Mom and aunts; trying to help a friend fix her iTunes and in the process totally messing up mine; debating whether or not I should find & add job three to the upcoming semester; and starting to do stuff for ASIS&T. Oh yeah, and staying up late and sleeping in whenever possible. And did I mention that I’ve been sucked into CSI: Miami because I’ve seen damn near every episode of CSI at least once? Yeah.

Anyway, classes start up again soon so there will be a better routine in place. Also since I’m going to be featured in an article about blogging I’ll need to make sure I’m actually updating this as frequently as I claim to (which, to be fair, is how much I would like to be updating it).

One thought on “Still alive

  1. But, but, but….

    Horatio is a total a**hole. And the guy who plays him comes from the William Shatner School of Acting which involves pauses






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