iTunes insanity

So, earlier this week I broke my iTunes while trying to help a friend fix hers. (She eventually had to call AppleCare, and they fixed her right up with a neat trick.) Basically, her iTunes lost the links to all the song files. In my overconfidence I broke mine, too (the same thing had happened to a few of my songs when I upgraded to iTunes 6). But then I couldn’t fix it.

I left my iTunes alone for a couple of days and went to try and fix it today, and it had found all the songs. OK, great. So now I need to take care of the duplicate folders problem. They are both the same size, but I thought I would quickly go through one of them and make sure everything seems to be in order. One of the things I’d done was have iTunes organize everything (does it not make sense that if you have iTunes organize everything it then knows where files are? You would think that, but you’d be wrong). It messed up a few things but did a decent job. But as I sort through this, I have discovered that some songs are missing. And I have found those missing songs (at least so far) in the duplicate folder. Huh?

Now, and this says something about me, I can’t just let it go. Half the point of iTunes, for me, is that it’s a way to organize my music. I’m tempted to just delete everything and start reimporting albums, but that seems a bit extreme. The question is, what’s more efficient? Doing that, or going through my files album by album and putting them back together? If I just delete everything from my computer, I will lose some random songs that I gathered in college, and a couple of albums I don’t have anymore. But I think those albums are on my iPod, so I could download them. And really, I listen to the same things all the time anyway. I think I’ll see how complicated this gets and then decide.

One thought on “iTunes insanity

  1. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by missing songs, but…

    Have you tried importing all the duplicate folders, which will create a duplicate of every song that is in both, and then deleting the duplicates? (with the “show duplicates” thing.) It’s a pain in the but to delete duplicates, but it’s a lot easier than importing a bunch of CDs

    Though, truthfully, it would probably help if I understood exactly what you are talking about.

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