Semester break list revisited

Well, classes start back up tomorrow, and I’m actually looking forward to the semester. At the beginning of the break, I posted a list of what I planned to do (“Semester break list,” 12/18). Here’s what I actually accomplished, in case you’re keeping score. I did about half the stuff on my list, which is pretty good.

Things that got done or partially done:

  • Make the Zen Scarf from CrochetMe.
  • Make the wristwarmers or give up on the pattern. I gave up. By which I mean got distracted by other yarn-related projects.
  • Make a wrap with my lovely Malabrigo. This is basically done. It needs to be blocked, hopefully I can do that this week.
  • Track down some yarn in safety-orange and make a gag gift hat for my federal agent friend. Not safety orange, but bright orange.
  • Buy knitting needles and teach myself to knit.
  • Learn about templates and get my webpage set up before the semester begins. I haven’t gotten the photos up, but that bulk of the content is done.
  • Go to Johnny D’s, The Burren, Spark Crafts.
  • Make some significant progress on the Big Secret Project. Yes, I consider changing my mind and starting over completely to be “significant progress.”

Things that really didn’t get done:

  • Knit legwarmers and a hat. Legwarmers were started, re-started and abandoned. I’ve got two scarves to knit before I can make myself a hat.
  • Play with my digital camera and take lots of faux-arty photos with it. I carried it around a lot but either I was too hungry to wander around after work or the weather wasn’t cooperating.
  • Become obsessed with digital photography websites.
  • Rip these last few CDs into iTunes. I broke my iTunes, does that count?
  • Bake some tasty, complicated bread. Thought about it. No motivation.
  • Stock the freezer with muffins. Well, I did eat a lot of them.
  • Go to the new Ikea in Stoughton. Also Someday Cafe, Porter Square Books, Orleans, A Good Yarn, Tu y Yo. I went to Someday but not to sit, so that only half counts. And I went to a different Mexican-place-near-my-house-found-by-Jill-&-Tom, so that only half counts.
  • Scan in some more old photos. Never even looked through the photo boxes.

2 thoughts on “Semester break list revisited

  1. Well, you managed to accomplish more from your list that I typically do, so congratulations! Good luck starting up the semester, and good luck learning entrelac, if you decide to.

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