Fun with web 2.0

I *heart* web 2.0. Check this stuff out! It’s very cool and fun. Don’t be scared if you are not a techie – it’s all pretty easy to use. Some of these are more practical; some are more fun. For the most part, I came across them in my blog-reading.

  • Netvibes is a customizeable homepage. Basically, you pick all the little modules that you’d like to see on your browser’s homepage, and you can drag and drop them around the screen to arrange them as you like. Netvibes supports RSS, so you can direct any feeds you like right to your desktop. Mine currently has feeds from the Globe‘s City & Region section and Woot!. I’ve also got my Gmail inbox, a to-do list, Somerville weather and a box for web searches on a few different engines. And, it gives you a spot to put a title for your page. (Steven Cohen mentioned this when he spoke at a NEASIS&T event in November.)
  • CalendarHub is a nifty little online calendaring application. You can share your calendar with a group if you like, and view it by day, week, month or year, or as an event list. There’s a demo account that you can play around in if you are so inclined. Of course you can enter events as recurring without having to enter every single occurence manually, and there’s also tagging. And, you can get reminders via e-mail or as RSS. I have a planner, so I haven’t used this myself, but it is very appealing. (via TechCrunch)
  • YouSendIt lets you “e-mail” attachments of up to 1GB to anybody you like — without actually sending the document to their inbox. You upload the doc and it’s assigned a URL; YouSendIt sends a notification e-mail to the recipient informing them that there is a document for them to download. At his or her leisure, your recipient can visit the URL and download the document. I don’t see a need for it in my daily life, but I can see where it would be especially useful for people who are sometimes on dialup or slow connections, and who don’t want to constantly be stuck waiting for their e-mail to download. This way they can get it when they want it. The documents are stored at YouSendIt for 7 days or for a certain number of downloads.(via TechCrunch)
  • SnapShirts visits a URL and creates a tag cloud based on what it finds at that URL. You can then have the tag cloud printed up on tee shirts. Neat! My blog and webpage don’t have a good mix of stuff, but it would definitely be cool for the right webpage. (via
  • TinyURL takes looooong URLs (think MapQuest and Amazon) and shrinks them down into itsy-bitsy URLs. Useful for e-mailing big ol’ links.
  • ZohoWriter is an online word processor. You can use it to create PDFs for free! (via LibrarianInBlack)

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