Jacuba Spell

I’ve been trying, since November, to use Jacuba Spell. It’s a great idea — a spellchecker that you can install into your website, or use from your browswer bar. In theory, when you use it from your browser bar, one click turns it on, and it looks at text areas on the page and spellchecks. In practice, when I try to use it, nothing happens. At all. I just played around with it a bit, making truly egregious spelling errors that no spellchecker should miss, but no such luck.

I also tried it on their website, in a little “Try Jacuba” area they have, and I still can’t get it to fully function. The misspelled words are eventually marked as such, but no suggestions show up for me.

I contacted them through their online form to let them know, but I’m really disappointed. For whatever reason WordPress doesn’t have a spellchecker installed in the version that those of us using their free hosting service are running (why that is I still have no idea, I’ve emailed them, too). I could copy and paste into Word, but that’s an extra step I shouldn’t have to turn to. And that I choose not to. So, here’s hoping that my spelling (and typing) have been, and continue to be, pretty decent.

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