Second semester begins

This week my second semester of library school started. Again, I’m just taking two classes, though I may speed it up next year. I’ll see how I feel partway through this semester.

In any case, I’m taking Public Libraries and Information Organization (aka cataloging). It’s always hard to judge based on just one meeting, but so far I like these both. They’re interesting topics and the professors are great. It looks like there will be a lot of reading for each, so I will need to buckle down on that. Right now, I feel very driven to do well in both of these classes, because they both speak to the direction I want to move in within the field –technology and/or technical services in public libraries. I finally figured out what technical services is (there’s a class here with a nearly unintelligble description) — someone who took the class briefly explained it to me, and so now that course description makes a bit more sense: acquiring books and equipment, cataloging, preservation of materials, etc.

I say public libraries because in talking about the issues surrounding public libraries — providing access to the Internet and other information for people who can’t afford it, serving the community’s needs, acting as a public gathering space — really engage me. Don’t get me wrong — all kinds of libraries are important. But I think public libraries are set up to fill a lot of needs within the community. I’m not sure when it happened but this public service thing has really taken hold of me. I guess that’s what you get for working for a nonprofit right out of college!

One thought on “Second semester begins

  1. Hola!

    I almost wanted to do public libraries, but then the retail world sucked out my ability to deal with the constantly changing environment. I dont’ think I have the capacity any longer to actually enjoy the constant bombardment of questions. Kudos to those of you who can deal with that kind of job. I would seriously get burned out, though.

    I’ll just pack up my stuff and move to a dark, dank cellar and process old things.

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