Posting old posts

So, earlier tonight I discovered that the WordPress folks are testing an import feature that helps bring in posts from Moveable Type and Blogger blogs. I was psyched, because there are some posts on my old blog that I have been thinking of moving over here. So, I went for it. I tried it four times, and it kept timing out before it would import all of my posts. So, eventually I gave up and started to go through what had been brought in. Well. Several posts came through as many as six times, and anyway I deleted a lot more posts than I kept. September, October and November are missing, but I think I will go back through those manually and copy & paste the ones I want to keep.

For the most part, what I kept were posts pertaining to library school applications, a couple of reviews of books and movies, and a few little stories and anecdotes. I do plan to go back through them and take out references to posts I did not import, and to edit for things that don’t make sense (again, because the greater context was not imported).

As far as I can tell, these updates do not come through on the feed. Which is just as well considering that some of the entries were imported multiple times.

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