At least the barista was cute!

Allow me a moment to whine about my day a little bit. Really, it was fine, but I do have a little story that requires some explication. And we know I like to go on and on when I’m writing. Anyway.

Tuesdays are one of my days off from class/work, but I have decided that I do need to do homework and work for one of my jobs in order to actually get anything done this semester. To that end, I’ll be getting up early and heading out to campus, or a library, or a coffee shop, or someplace.

Today when my alarm went off, someone was in the shower. Now, we’ve got a pretty well-coordinated shower schedule in my apartment, and Tuesdays at 8am are supposed to be slotted out for me. I’m not going to make a deal of this, since I don’t have to be anywhere particular at any time. But, in any case, I didn’t get out the door as soon as I wanted today, and thus when I was packing my bag (which I thought about doing last night but chose not to) I was trying to hurry. I got all the way to campus, got binders from my locker, filled my water bottle, went to the other building, got a gigantic coffee (which I filled a little too high), staked out a table, unpacked the laptop and stuff, plugged it in, turned it on, logged in . . . and realized I didn’t have my wireless card. The homework I intended to work on today at school requires me to play with OPACs (library catalogs), thus necessitating a connection to the Internets. Whoops.

OK, no problem, I work at the Tech Lab and can probably borrow an ethernet cord or PC card. Pack everything back up. At this point I have almost too much to carry (imagine me with a big heavy bag, a coat over my arm, two binders on top of the coat, a full nalgene dangling from that hand, and a giant coffee in the hand that is opening doors). I schlep to the Tech Lab, get a PC card, go back over to the place I was before. Repeat unpacking and plug in PC card . . . which does not like my computer. Doesn’t work. Did I bring the installation CD over? Heck no! Do I go back to get it? Heck no!

So anyway, life goes on and I did some other stuff, but I’ve done basically no homework today, when I had intended to get quite a bit done. So, I still felt kinda “blagh” about the day (yes, Sparkle J, that is a shout-out for you). Anyway, I needed to go to the grocery store on my way home to pick up a few things, so what do I do? I make two brilliant decisions. One, to stop off on my way home rather than go back out, despite the giant heavy bag of laptop. (To be fair, I almost always make that decision.) Two, I decide to walk home (it’s just a mile) rather than take the T one stop. Riiight . . . I now have two heavy bags, plus a light plastic bag.

I stop at Starbucks for (ground) coffee because, really, what’s one more thing to carry when your shoulders hurt and you have three bags? I will be a tough chick or die trying. (This may be a problem when I am grandma-aged. I imagine my grown children will constantly shake their heads at me and tell me to “slow down,” at which I will cackle maniacally and chase after a grandchild, or throw yarn at them, or something.)

So anyway, I am waiting in the short line debating how many bags to put down, and it is then my turn. The staff is generally nice at the Starbucks’ I go to around the area, and particularly friendly at this one in my neighborhood. But this was the friendliest barista ever. I don’t know if I maybe had some look on my face, or if it was all the crap I was carrying, but he asked how my day was in a very friendly way, and I said I had been pretty discombobulated. We had a whole little discussion about how his day was discombobulated as well (he also teaches, or does something with kids, and he said the kids were off the wall today), and then he ground my coffee. As I was paying, he asked if I wanted the free tall coffee that you get when you buy a pound of ground. I said that I would, but I had a feeling that it wouldn’t make it home in the cup. He offered to put it in a big cup, but I declined again. So what does he do? He gives me a “free coffee on us!” voucher, and says:

“Your next coffee is on me.” With a big smile.

Oh, melt my heart cute, tall, of-nordic-descent barista with the geeky black glasses, who works with kiddos and is so nice to some random woman. I think next Tuesday evening I will need to go to Starbucks to do some work . . .

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