When yarn attacks

So, just about two weeks ago I was noodling around on eBay looking at yarn. And I placed bids on four auctions thinking, “Oh, I won’t win them all.” Yeah. I won three of the auctions. Here’s what I got, left to right:


Two skeins of Noro Daria, which I will make into Corded (a clutch; I have enough for two)

Two skeins of fingering weight, hand-dyed cashmere wool, for which I have no plan (200m/50g per ball — any ideas?)

Two skeins of Tibetan Silk, which I will make into some kind of bag (I have a couple of different patterns that might work)

    So, you know. Yarn. In other fiber arts news, Amazon has still not shipped my preordered copy of The Happy Hooker. It looks like they haven’t gotten it in yet, but I am impatient and want it now. They also haven’t yet shipped an in-stock book I ordered last week for one of my classes. I hope it goes out soon.

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