New skill for world domination

One step closer to world domination — I can code an RSS feed. w00t! I don’t know how to set up an automatically updating feed, but I can create a feed that you manually update when you have news (the contents of the feed can then be fed into a webpage and displayed in a static form as well). Anyway, it is ridiculously easy if you have a basic knowledge of html — someone showed me in less than half an hour yesterday.

The reason for learning (other than the fact that it is another random skill that will someday help me trap the geek of my dreams. er, find him, I mean) is so Jen and I can figure out how to add them to some of the Simmons pages I work on, specifically the events calendar as well as the updates made to the course schedule pages (which are listed at the top of each page after they are made in the grid — this page, for example).

So, I haven’t met with Jen (hi Jen!) since learning this new skill, but I have started working on conceptualizing how this will work, as we may have to redesign the way the pages are created or laid out. But I’m not sure yet. Stay tuned.

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