Still waiting

I have begun a new countdown to mark the arrival of Debbie Stoller’s “The Happy Hooker.” The current shipping estimate is 3/1, with an arrival between 3/6 – 8. If I go away for part of Spring Break, which is that week, I will be so exasperated if this arrives while I am gone. I know that makes no sense, but it is what it is.
Anyway, I am waiting patiently because a) Debbie has nothing to do with how fast or slow the printing, binding, shipping, etc. goes and b) she has been fighting the good fight against SewFast/SewEasy. I wrote up an explanation of this on my website, but basically the owner of this company, which makes sewing patterns I think, is claiming that no one else can use the term “Stitch n Bitch” because she holds the rights to the phrase, despite the fact that it has been around since the ’20s.

Yes, this is one crafter sticking it to other crafters, and in fact her legal team sent cease-and-desist orders to Yahoo! Groups using that phrase in their group names. (So far I haven’t heard any rumblings from Google, which hosts the GSLIS Stitch n Bitch Group/listserv.) How very rude and un-DIY-ethos of her.

I will stitch and bitch at the same time as much as I damn well please. DIY or die!

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