Your input on reading feeds

So — I’d like to solicit some input. If you do the RSS thing, I would greatly appreciate your answers to any or all of the following questions — I’m gathering this info as part of the very early stages of a workshop on setting up an RSS aggregator.

  • What aggregator do you use?
  • What do you like (or not like) about it? (Short answers are just fine)
  • What’s your favorite blog?
    • Note for librarians: Can I get two favorite blogs? One library-related, and one not? Thanks!

You can leave your input in the comments, or e-mail me, whichever you prefer: alisonkc (at) gmail (dot) com.

Speaking of making e-mail addresses hard for spam-bots to find, I’ve started regularly getting junk at my gmail account. I think I had it up somewhere without trying to disguise it. D’oh! Interestingly, it’s different spam than I get at my hotmail account. But I still love gmail because the interface is fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Your input on reading feeds

  1. I’m currently using Bloglines, but I’m not thrilled with the web interface. It’s a little clunky and slow. However, until I figure out a way to synchronize my two computers, I’m stuck with it. (I think there is a way for me to sychronize my Safari RSS reader on both of my computers, but I’m not sure.)

    The list of the stuff I read is at:

    Favorite blog. Hmm. – a mixed blog about the impact economics, technology and science on the world. Environmentally focused, but not exclusively.

    I haven’t been thrilled with any library related blogs. I guess the one I look forward to the most is: about how people have taken information and made pretty pictures out of them.

    I want to see a write-up of your responses. šŸ™‚

  2. i used to use perch, but i didn’t like it, but then my work disabled downloading .exe files, so i’m stuck with it. i don’t even really use it though. what i use more is personalized Yahoo (google’s got one too). you can just dump feeds onto your homepage in either one, and they track em. not the most high-tech of solutions, but sometimes high tech stuff is worse than low-tech.

    am i making sense?

    my favorite blog…hmmm….. i like dooced. oh yeah, and Richard Edelman’s blog at

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