Gallery of inspiration

Shamelessly stealing the idea for Jessica’s Flickr gallery of future projects, I have made one of my own here. I had been tagging the links into and bookmarking them on my pc, but I like that this way, I can take a quick glance at the photoset and just SEE the pattern. Duh, being a visual learner extends to other areas of life as well. And double-duh, it’s just like flipping through a pattern book where I just love every single pattern. (Sort of like my experience with “Scarf Style,” which I recently bought, and which has several PostIt flags scattered throughout.) Speaking of Jessica, have you seen these? Amazing.

Speaking of Jessica, the Jessica of which I speak above is not my friend “Jessica who lives in Montana,” which is exactly how I refer to her when not talking to a mutual friend. She will hate me for linking to this photo, which is a) old and b) not good, but it’s all I’ve got that’s scanned in right nowl. “Jessica who lives in Montana” is awesome. She is silly and she is braver than I am for moving to a state far, far away where she didn’t know anyone except the friend who moved with her.

She is also a very crafty/DIY gal: she’s given me an “everything bowl” she threw and glazed herself, homemade blueberry lime jam, and awesome sugar cookies beautifully decorated, which just impresses the heck out of me. (Do you know how much time goes into making these kinds of cookies? She sends them for Valentine’s Day, and they’re cut out into heart shapes and carefully frosted in multiple colors with lovely designs. I should take a few pictures of the couple that are left to prove my point of their amazing-ness.) And she taught me how to crochet, thus turning me into the yarn-obsessed woman I have become.

Which is good or bad, depending on how much I just spent at the yarn store. 🙂

One thought on “Gallery of inspiration

  1. Do you know about Wists? You can create a visual list of bookmarks. Some people use them as an online to-do list for their projects. You can also poke around on other people’s wists to look for inspiration. When you set up your wists, you get a little icon on your menu bars at the top of your browser, so when you see something you like, you click it and it gets added to your wist. It’s awesome. You should take a look.

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