And so it begins

S.D. Governor Signs Abortion Ban Into Law

This law doesn’t even contain an exception for victims of rape or incest–the only exception is if it’s medically necessary to save the mother’s life. It’ll be tied up in the courts for a while, but still.

In slightly better news, Planned Parenthood recently opened an express clinic in my neighborhood. They have good hours, and they offer all the basics: birth control consultations, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception and testing & treatment for STDs. Maybe I’ll switch my prescription there.

3 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. I actually think this is a good thing. There is no question that this law is going to the Supreme Court.

    So, either…
    1) the SCOTUS upholds the law (probably 5-4 or 6-3)
    2) SCOTUS strikes down the law, verifying Roe v. Wade for the current generation, and pissing off a lot of anti-choice activists who practically got the last three Supreme Court nominees to guarantee that the are against abortion.

    If 1. happens, the left will be reinvigorated. People in general are against abortion, but pro-choice. So, when abortion is legal, they tend to side on the anti-abortion side. When abortion is illegal, they tend to side on the pro-choice side. (For the record, I am pro-choice, but I think I would try to convince any friend I knew of that was contemplating an abortion not to do so. Morally, I’m uncomfortable with it, but I’m still pro-choice.)

    Yes, but what about all those poor people in S.D.? (The rich people will be able to get abortions no matter what.) Considering that, currently,no doctor in the state of S.D. is willng to perform abortions, for whatever reason, I’m not sure much will change. (A couple of MN doctors fly in every so often to perform abortions right now, under massive death threats.)

    Just my humble opinion.

  2. It’s the “rape or incest” part that really gets me. The blatant misogyny is beyond appalling – I can’t imagine that the men who made this happen are even of the same species as I am! Grrr.

  3. From The Nation:

    “South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds has signed the state abortion ban, which bars all abortions without exception except to preserve the life of the mother. … Although the law will surely be stayed by the courts, this should be a real Aha! moment for the women of South Dakota. Now they know they live in a state that values them only as incubators of fertilized eggs — even when fertilized by rapists.”

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