Yarn, how I love thee . . .

The day before I left for Iowa (and ten minutes before I had to leave the house to go to a lecture at school) The Happy Hooker finally arrived. Finally! When I got back home on Wednesday night I sat down and read through the introduction and then looked at the patterns.

Debbie Stoller does a great job of explaining the difference between crochet and knitting, and has given me a new way to talk about them when people ask that question. Yay! She also made a good point, something that I hadn’t thought of since I learned to knit — that knitting and crocheting are good at making different types of fabrics, and we shouldn’t try to force one to do something that the other can do better. So perhaps I won’t try knitting lace — I’ll crochet some lace. And maybe I won’t bother trying to crochet a sweater, and I’ll knit one instead.

I didn’t look at the “how to crochet” instructions yet, but I’m sure they’ll come in handy. It’s always nice to have more than one reference to learn a new stitch.

As far as the patterns go, there are some that I definitely want to make:

  • Fat Bottom Bag, a purse
  • Short ‘n Sweet, a short-sleeved, cropped, lace jacket
  • Prepster, a spring jacket
  • Froufrou, a fitted, single-button cardigan

There are others I’m not so into, and others that will function as more of a reference or inspiration. And there are two layettes, including one that Jill will love and so her first kid will get. But I can’t think about that right now.

In other news, the backordered yarn for Big Secret Project Part 2 arrived while I was away. Big Secret Project Part 1 is a little less than 75% complete. I have the sneaking suspicion that I may have ordered way too much yarn for these projects, but I suppose we’ll find out when they’re both done. A scarf I’m knitting in diagonal rib is probably about halfway complete. I have lost some steam on that because it’s warming up around here, and it’s a gift for someone who could have used it when it was actually cold. Oh well.

And last week I called about my subscription to Crochet!, since the new issue had been out for a while but I hadn’t gotten it. Apparently the subscription was on a “hold” for a while, and so I will get the March/April issue at the end of the month. Cool.

One thought on “Yarn, how I love thee . . .

  1. I have one scarf languishing in my work basket (well, one of my work baskets) and I just have no drive to finish it. The weather is turning all sunny and it smells of spring–I just don’t want to think about cold winters and scarves.

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