Awesome geeky t-shirts

I just came across a post on LibrarianInBlack that points to a Cafe Press store supporting, which looks to be a website that provides hosting for independent music — cool! Anyway, I’m off to check out the site, but the shirts being sold to support this service are awesome: Kiss My RSS.

I dig it. Too bad I didn’t see it before today or else I would have bought it to wear at my upcoming workshops. I love snarky and witty t-shirts. So, let’s check out some more, shall we? I’ve found two great sources.
There’s LibrarianGear, from whence I got my librarian t-shirt: Definition. Cool.

And there’s ThinkGeek, with their amazing and ever-expanding selection of geeky goods. I think I might finally have enough geek cred to get away with some of my favorites, including No Comment, Geek Inside, User Error, Geek Maxim #1 (funny for two reasons, if you know me IRL, as the kids say) — hey, they’ve even got one for copyeditors: Mr. Period! But one shirt keeps me striving to be a Jill-of-many-tech-skills: cHix0r. Ah, to be cHix0r, and have the code monkeys bow before me . . . ahem.

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