So, I finally checked out Wists, which was recommended to me by Anne of thisis.mycrochetblog. Wists is a pretty cool service — it lets you save bookmarks to webpages along with a photo to jog your memory.

The service itself is pretty stripped-down, but for this sort of thing you only need the basics. You enter the URL of the page you want to bookmark and Wists displays all the images shown on the page. You select the one that you want saved with the bookmark, and then you can add a title, tags (labels, basically) and a short note. Of course, it has RSS feeds.

It looks as though it was originally conceived as a visual wish-list for shopping, but I think you can expand that concept. Anything that might benefit from a visual display comparison of several things — say you’re looking at houses or apartments and you’re taking a lot of pictures. If you slap them all on a website you could repeatedly bookmark the same URL and just choose a different photo each time. Add a tag for the address and one for the room (kitchen, bedroom, whatever) and then you can use your tags to compare the apartments room-by-room.

Yes, you could do this with Flickr, too, but maybe you don’t want to clutter up your Flickr photostream with a ton of mediocre photos of apartments. Anyway, I’m going to use it to corral knitting and crochet ideas and patterns I find online. I had been doing that in several places — del.icio.us bookmarks, some bookmarks saved in my browser, and a Flickr gallery. I’ll cosolidate them there and get the random photos out of my Flickr photostream. Take a look here.
I’ve also finally figured out exactly what I want to do with my del.icio.us account, which so far I have been using sporadically, and for rather random purposes. I’ve saved a lot of posts in Bloglines, and it’s not the easiest thing to scan through them and find a particular one. In addition, because I have so many, I’m not saving some that I think I might find interesting later. If I bookmark them in del.icio.us, I can tag them and it’ll be easier to find them later. Yeah! I think I got this idea from someone else who’s blog I read, who found him- or herself in the same pickle. But . . . I forget who it was. D’oh!

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