Flash Your Stash Day

For the last week or so I kept seeing references on some of the knitting blogs that I read about "Flash Your Stash Day." Sadly, no one was giving specifics such as what day that might be. Well, yesterday someone finally posted a link and it turns out that April 1 is Flash Your Stash Day. I'm a little late to the party, but you can check out my stash if you are so inclined. Shortly I'll be leaving the house to hang out and run errands with Laura, and we'll be going to Woolcott in Harvard Square. The stash may grow. These things happen. A yarn habit is better than a crack habit, right? And better to buy yarn with which to make cool stuff for people than run out and buy an iBook just because Mimi got a new MacBookPro and it's beautiful and light and incited my MacLust. Right? Right?

While I'm thinking of it, there are only a few rows to go on Big Secret Project Part 1! I have a ton of yarn leftover from that one, and I can only assume that I will have a similar amount left after Part 2 is done. I am pretty sure I figured out the math correctly when I ordered (I already had some of the yarn in hand) and didn't overbuy. But I measured the other day and at least width-wise (each row increases the length) I am a couple of inches below gauge, so I think that must be the issue. Once I'm done with Part 2 I might add on a border to each of them, but I'll have to see what I think.

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