Tinkering around

So, I logged in tonight and found that WordPress has some new features that have been quietly added. (To be fair, if I bothered to subscribe to their blog I would know about these things.) Spellcheck! A cool drag-and-drop interface to arrange my sidebar! Woo!

You may note that the name of the blog has changed. The spirit, however, remains the same. Libraries, technology, pretty yarn, etc. I didn't particularly like "Rambling On . . . " but I also couldn't come up with anything better. Nor did I feel like waiting until I did to move from Blogger to WordPress. Tonight before SnB, Sparkle J, Laura and I were having some sort of group hysterics in the student lounge. A conversation about the Boston accent somehow came around to Sparkle J saying something like "Spinstah would be a great name for a knitting librarian's blog." (You know. Spinning wool. Spinster librarians.) To which I naturally replied "I am renaming my blog." I could change the URL but I will not because really, how much more fickle do I need to be when it comes to naming my presence online? (Though if you feel strongly about URLs matching site titles please vote in the comments. I live to serve you, dear reader.) I will say, however, that I think I have found a new handle to register when I'm making new accounts here and there. And I think I will also rename my website. Yeah!

But first I have to fix Dreamweaver. D'oh! 

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