Today my family came in and we went to the Colonial Theatre to see “Spamalot!” (FYI: Site plays music.) It was hilarious. I definitely recommend it if it’s coming to your area — we had a great time. In case you have been living under a rock (and I say that with affection) it’s loosely based on the one about the holy grail. My brother is into Monty Python in general, and he said that they referenced some of the other skits as well. I am not immersed enough to have caught any of that, but it was really funny.

I would say that you might find it funny even if you don’t know Monty Python — the humor is very absurd, but they point it out to themselves, which really appeals to me. I love that sort of wry self-awareness, like the “love song,” which is called “This is the Song That Goes Like This.” Awesome. You know what it is — it’s the big, soaring song during which the male and female leads overact and sing loudly in one another’s faces, and which is reprised at least once. (That’s basically a paraphrase of the lyrics.)

And, for those of you who don’t care for the movies, you may like the ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python: “coffee liqueur ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumb swirl & fudge cows.”

One thought on “Spamalot

  1. I am dripping with envy! I have wanted to see Spam A Lot since it came out. Alas, I shall have to wait till they arrive in humid Houston.

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