More noisy neighbors

Last Tuesday, as I was attempting, with very little success, to do homework, one of the guys downstairs was poorly playing The Police on his guitar. He was doing that earlier today, but has been drowned out by the neighbors on my bedroom’s side of the house. Someone is in their driveway blasting reggae while presumably cleaning their car or doing something else. This is very, very annoying.

I should probably move out to the kitchen and attempt to get some work done on an essay before the roommates get home.

In other news you may or may not care about, I bought a new coat from Land’s End, which arrived last week. But it might be too big. I can’t decide and haven’t had anyone over to offer a second opinion. Also, today I booked a rental car for a week and a half in order to get out to Western MA in June for my summer class. Next up: housing.

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