On the workshop series

So, I think I mentioned at some point previously that I worked with my supervisor at the Tech Lab to set up a workshop series in conjunction with ASIS&T@Simmons. So far, I think it's gone pretty well. Attendance at most of the workshops has been good, though I think is generally tapering off a little as we progress through the semester and people start to get busy with final projects and the like.

Anyway, I was just reading a post by Michael Stephens on the On the 2.0 Job Description (Part 2): LIS Students in a 2.0 World. He's talking about what sort of exposure LIS students have to all the cool emerging technologies/social software stuff that I have become obsessed with since starting here. Well . . . I was totally bowled over to read a quote from Candy about our workshop series!

Candy Schwartz, co-editor, Library & Information Science Research at Simmons College GSLIS, wrote to say the GSLIS students are teaching social software and more "for the whole student community, not just one class." She urged me to visit the course listings at http://my.simmons.edu/gslis/techlab/workshops.shtml. Classes are co-sponsored by the Tech Lab and the student chapter of the American Society of Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T). Each is an hour of hands-on experience in the lab, with discussion and a resource list takeaway. "If this flies," Candy said, "they will probably do it every semester."

How cool is that!? What a great plug from Candy . . . to a resource with a really wide audience (it's got 841 subscribers just in Bloglines) . . . written by a guy who knows stuff about stuff! (Eloquent, yes. I just happened to notice that the rest of this sentence wasn't actually in the post. It's bedtime, but I couldn't let this go. 5/2)

Speaking of the workshop series, I did the Social Bookmarking & Tagging one with Jen and Sue a couple of weeks ago. The first one was a little rough — it's a bit difficult to explain the concept of tagging without demonstrating it, which was how I had originally set up the intro. The second one was better — we moved things around and I did the intro while demo-ing del.icio.us. Far fewer confused faces in the lab classroom that time.

As Candy mentions in her quote, I think we are planning on offering the series again next semester (even if we weren't — given this, I think we'd think again). Between incoming students and current students who missed them, I'm sure there's enough of an audience. Plus, since the material will already be developed, we'll just have to do touch-ups and promotions, so it'll be less work. Can't argue with that!

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