Content forthcoming

Two assignments down. Two papers to go. To borrow a phrase from a friend who's graduating, I will effectively check out of library school (well, my second semester, anyway) on Monday, though I have classes until the very bitter end of the semester . . . the following Monday.

So hopefully starting this time next week, there will be more actual content more regularly. There might even be stuff about libraries! Woah! I mean, I know I'm in library school and all . . . but blog content about libraries? That's outrageous!

In the meantime, I'll distract you with this link to my friend Mr. Darius' photos. He does good work. So does Liv, who you may also know from library school.

I try not to let it bother me when I'm not posting regularly, but it does. I'm afraid I might let all 19 people who sometimes read this blog down. (I got that number from the feed stats WordPress provides, thankyouverymuch. I like to be accurate with my self-deprecation.)

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