Jill's Wedding: Bachelorette & dress update

So, I never manged to post about the bachelorette party for Jill's wedding, which was a couple of weeks ago. All the ladies came over to my apartment, where we had margaritas and ordered in pizza. Jill's sister got her a bag of inappropriate gifts and we played some games. One, which was particularly funny, involved a list of 20 questions that another bridesmaid sent to Tom, the groom. Jill had to answer the questions with the answers she thought Tom gave; for every incorrect answer she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth. Needless to say, seven pieces of Bubblicious is a huge and disgusting wad of gum. For those of us not required to chew it (aka everyone but Jill) it was hilarious. 

After that, we went over to The Liquor Store, a bar downtown with a mechanical bull. I was less than pleased with their setup outside, as we had to wait in line even though we were supposed to have line priveleges, and then there was some woman outside with a clipboard who wasn't paying attention and thus we went inside and had to go back out to check in with her. To be fair, the line we waited in was very short, but I was miffed — we were not supposed to wait in line. Jill's sister in particular was getting really angry about this but I just brushed her off because I didn't want to deal with it. Arguing with People Put In Charge of Nightclubs never gets you anywhere.

Anyway, once we got inside it was pretty fun. Several of us (not including me) rode the bull and we had a couple of people who did really well with it. Naturally there were stripper poles everywhere because apparently young women are not supposed to ever dance in an establishment where there's not a stripper pole. I have mixed feelings about these: the feminist in me is arguing about whether pole dancing when you're not trying to make a living for it is just plain fun and/or empowering or if it encourages the Male Gaze. I think someone could probably write a thesis on that topic. We did see a fight, which was pretty interesting. I saw a woman in a short dress get up on one of the platforms with a pole (oh yes, the poles were on platforms, all the better to get a nice look at legs and butts for the gentleman watching) and next thing I knew there was a fight breaking out. I believe Some Dude was looking or touching in an innapropriate way, and Dress Girl's Dude did not appreciate this. They started off doing that guy thing where they stand up really tall, lean in towards each other, and yell in one another's faces. Then I think someone pushed someone else, but by that point about five bouncers had converged on the scene. As they tried to hold them back, Some Dude's Girl got into the action, and I think she was more dangerous than the dudes. I believe all three of them were hauled off and kicked out, and probably Dress Girl left as well. And this happened at maybe 10:30. 

At the end of the night we managed to luck out and got a gypsy cab that was really a huge van to drive us back to Jill's all together, so I didn't have to worry about people getting lost in other cabs. 

So, that was that. Jill had a really good time, and there are Photos of Dubious Repute up on my flickr pages. 

As for the dress, I took it to Elegant Tailor & Dry Cleaner on Mass Ave in Cambridge, between Porter & Harvard, at the recommendation of the gal (Meredith?) at Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis. The lady who does the tailoring was really friendly and funny. I had to get a floor length gown and have it hemmed up to tea length, and she thought it was a shame that I had to get it hemmed, since it was the perfect length. When I told her that it was because I was taller than everyone else (except one gal, who's my height) so the short dress that they got was too short on me, she thought that was funny. "Oh yeah, you are tall. Look at me! Just to your shoulders!" So she hemmed it up and shortened the halter and did a lovely job for a reasonable price, I think: $45. That kept the total cost of the dress just under $300, which I think is pretty good. I figure I'll be able to wear it in the future to weddings, and as long as I stay roughly the same size I should have it forever, as they say.

The last piece of the bridesmaid wardrobe is potentially picking up a little cardigan or wrap in case it's chilly at the reception. I don't want to spend too much since I probably won't be able to wear it that much that day (not during the ceremony, not during the photos, not while dancing after dinner). I wish I had thought about this earlier than now, because it would have been easy enough to make something, even just a giant garter stitch wrap on big needles with some sequin yarn and mohair or something. I want a little glitter. Anyway, I haven't found anything I like that much yet. Abby has something I am going to take a look at, and then we might go poke around in a few places. The one problem I am running into is that a lot of the stuff I'm seeing that I like is white or cream, and I'm not sure how appropriate that would be. I think it'd be ok, but I will defer to Mom, who I need to call in the next couple of days.