Dear Santa,

I know I am several months early on this, but I'm hoping we can strike a deal. The MacBooks are out. I would really love to get one of these for Christmas, but of course it's silly for you to pick it up and hang on to it for months, especially since I need it for school. Kermit the Gateway Laptop seems to be getting pretty tired and is somewhat less than equipped for storing as many digital photos as I have been taking since I got my camera. This appears to be affecting his health otherwise, as he has randomly been operating slowly and moving the cursor around at random, following no commands that I have given him. Also, he is having some performance anxiety because he doesn't have USB 2.0, but is constantly forced to deal with peripherals that remind him that they could perform faster if he wasn't so old.

Since I'm a grown up now, I can totally handle not having anything under the tree later this year, so you could get it and send it along to me now. No tears, no tantrums. I promise. And like I said, I need it for school. My Tech Lab Cred is suffering as a result of being a primary user of PCs. Also, when I take Kermit to school, my back hurts by the end of the day because he is rather heavy–even though I ditched the Timbuktu messenger bag in favor of a backpack, thinking it would more evenly distribute the weight. Really, Kermit is more in the category of "desktop replacement" than is truly practical for me at this stage in life.

I promise that, by the time my MacBook kicks the bucket, I won't be asking you for expensive electronics anymore. I'll have moved on to furniture and fancy cookware.

Thanks, Santa!

PS – If it will arrive in mid-June, please double-check the dates of my summer class in western MA, and send it to me care of the Quality Inn in Hadley, MA, if necessary. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “MacBook!

  1. Yeah . . . sadly for me, I don’t have the financial wherewithal to run out and get one NOW! 🙂 And anyway, like you point out, even if I could do that I’d wait a while to see if any other issues pop up.

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