Wedding Bells!

Jill & Tom Krajewski
May 20, 2006

Yesterday afternoon, in the town where we grew up together, my oldest friend (first grade!) got married. Jill was beautiful in her dress and she and Tom just looked so happy all day.

Jill & Tom's ceremony was at St. Denis Catholic Church in our hometown (they opted not to do the full wedding mass) and the reception was held about 30 minutes away at the Publick House in Sturbridge, Mass., which is lovely old inn that I thought was a perfect setting (though it was quite a maze).

The wedding ceremony itself was lovely, but I have to say that it's been a long time since I've been as nervous as I was walking down the aisle — the bridal party walked down unescorted, so it was just me. Oh, and the church full of people turned around in the pews looking at me. Luckily, my date (the ever-smooth Secret Agent Man) and my parents were a few pews away from each other and were seated toward the end of the pew, so I was able to make eye contact and smile at them, which was helpful.

After the ceremony, we all headed over to the Publick House, where I checked Secret Agent Man into the hotel room and promptly abandoned him to have photos taken. Photos took a while: we were going to take them outside, but just as we got started it began to rain, so we all ran inside to try and wait it out. Then we went back outside and spent about an hour taking all of the various permutations of bridal party photos. Highlights included two of the groomsmen taking the large umbrellas off of the patio tables and bringing them onto the lawn so we could cluster underneath them, and the friendly waitstaff who came out to us when it became obvious we would miss the cocktail hour entirely. They brought out drinks and a couple of trays of appetizers. I froze my silk shantung-clad butt off during this part so I was not in the best of moods while we were standing around out there. I didn't want to have anything to drink because I was already shivering and know that when I'm shivering and tipsy I can't control the shivering and I didn't want to look whacked out in the photos. Since I hadn't had all that much to eat that afternoon I was afraid that one drink would be enough.

Anyway, shortly after we finished with photos, we were all introduced into the reception (but not before I ran into the end of the cocktail hour, cornered my date and had him go up to the room to get my purse and cardigan since there wasn't time for me to go). I was very impressed with the waitstaff — the food started circulating immediately (that being said, I believe the first tables fed are the bridal party, so perhaps my parents, who were towards the back of the room, would have a different opinion). Fruit cups with sorbet, a tasty salad with candied pecans, fresh warm bread (including sticky buns, yum) and then entrees (I had the turkey).

Interspersed before and between the food were the traditional dances — bride & groom's first dance, bridal party dance, dance with parents, etc. I'm sure the way this is done is standard but I really have no clue. Believe it or not, this is the first wedding I have been to (let alone IN) since a family wedding when I was in 8th or 9th grade. (Sorry Aunt Peg, I can't find the date; I just remember I wore my dress from the 8th grade dinner dance.)

And then the real dancing began! Secret Agent Man is a dancing machine (an attempt on his part to try out some swing dance steps was pretty funny, sine I don't actually know any real dance steps and thus had no idea where I was supposed to go and what I should do when I got there). Anywho, we had a great time, and the dance floor was packed all night. Jill had done the receiving line at the church, so she was able to dance instead of having to make the rounds and greet her guests. My Mom and Dad got up to cut a rug a few times and looked like they were having a lot of fun. There was, of course, the tossing of bouquets and garters but no true smashing of cake in the face. I was pleased about that, because it's a waste of perfectly good cake if you ask me.

This wedding was especially important for me — Jill grew up down the street from me, we did Girl Scouts and band and CCD together. We went through the same public school system, were in the same classes for half of elementry school and had probably 80% of our classes together in middle and high school. She is the first of my friends to get married, and it was weird and wonderful to be at and in her wedding.

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