Happy Memorial Day!

If last week and the coming week are any indication, this is going to be a busy summer. For the rest of this week, until Sunday, my evenings are all filled, either with actual solid plans or with tentative plans to confirm with various folks in the next day or so. (With the exception of Friday, I'm working during the day, and on Friday I should probably put in a couple of hours from home.) How did that happen?! There's someone else I should schedule in on Sunday, but I'm just not sure if I can give up the me time. I suppose I'll have to see how I feel about it later in the week.

Anyway, this weekend my parents' hosted a Memorial Day cookout on Sunday. I went, and brought with me Kristen, Secret Agent Man, Sparkle J & Jesse, lemon squares and beer. There was much frisbee (sheer chaos at a couple of points, but so much fun) throwing around of a foxtail, water balloons (the adults were more entertained than the small kiddos) and, of course, tons of delicious food. Oh, and a pinata.  I can't think of the last time I ran around so much (frisbee) and had such a great time. It was a nice reminder that I do enjoy being athletic, as long as the level of competitiveness is kept to a minimum. And I was really impressed with my frisbee skills, especially since I can't think of when I last played frisbee.

Despite the vast amounts of food, as we got off the highway in Somerville, Secret Agent Man and I decided to rassle up some grub and wound up at Sabur, in Teele Square. It was very good, though I think we were a bit on the scrubby side (eau de sweat and bug spray, anyone?) for their usual clientele. We got to sit outside on their little patio, though, which was really great, since the weather was still gorgeous. Shortly before we left I started to get a little chilly when the breeze came through, but I get cold all the time so that counts for nothing. Were it not for the coffee we had after dinner, I would have slept like a log. 

I'll update this post with other people's pictures from the cookout as I get the links; for now, here are mine.

Oh, and for those who only come for the yarn content: Big Secret Project Part 2 is about 75% done; Part 1 has been washed, blocked and dried and awaits its partner. For many reasons, this project needs to be finished up soon, but when do I plan to work on this? Also, I will have a TON of Knit Picks Shine left over. (Gauge? What's that?)

As for library content, I have a couple of things on the back burner that should materialize in the next week or so. I promise.

One thought on “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. I had a fantastic time on Sunday! Thanks for inviting us. Man, that frisbee game kicked my butt so hard. Literally, my bum is killing me. We’ll have to play again some time. No word yet on when our summer party will be, but I’ll let you know.

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